Shrink Link Hair Extensions in Thousand Oaks






Shrink Link Hair Extensions use small plastic tubes which have a very light coating of keratin on the inside to attach hair extensions to your natural hair.  The shrink link is threaded onto  your natural hair and then pre-bonded hair extensions are then placed inside the  tube along with your natural hair.  A special heat clamp is then heat activated and shrinks around your hair to secure everything together.  This provides a very tight seal and is a very good type of hair extension attachment since there is only a tiny amount of glue inside the shrink link and no glue is actually fusing with your natural hair.  The glue exists only to prevent slipping.

The shrink link method is also very durable and can last for as long as 3 months with very little maintenance required.  The plastic in shrink link hair extension attachment does not break down, and there is no shedding because the hair extension strands are pre-bonded.  Since the hair being used in this type of extension is pre-bonded, it can also be re-used.


When you are ready to have shrink link hair extensions removed, the shrink link is simply reheated which allows it to slide down the hair strand with no need for chemicals.

Shrink link hair extensions can take up to 2 hours to install.